St. Enodoc Golf Club - Ladies Competition 26th February & Results Round Up

Ladies Competition 26th February & Results Round Up

You would have been forgiven for thinking that it was a Summer's day, but the ladies were out in force this week for the Stableford Competitions making the most of this unusually warm and sunny Winter's day. Three competitions were played and this included a new 9 hole competition on the Church.

Division 1

1st Sarah Sandercock 27pts (on c/b)
2nd Annie Hawkey 27pts
3rd Di Dingle 26pts (on c/b)
4th Barbara Graham 26pts

Division 2
1st Chris Henderson 24pts
2nd Viv Steer 22pts

Church 9 Hole Stableford
1st Sue Richards 14pts
2nd Pat Parry 10pts (on c/b)

1st Sarah Blackiston 35pts
2nd Anne Robinson 32pts
3rd Anne Mayne 31pts

VV - Lorna Harper 27pts

3BBB Tuesday 12th February

1st Annie Cruse, Julie Finch & Sarah Ockwell 73pts
2nd Chris Henderson, Caroline Hume-Kendall & Sarah Sandercock 69pts

1st Anne Humphreys, Judy Redman & Sue Richards 80pts
2nd Rose Jones, Helen Russell & Dill Buchanan 79pts

Church Stableford
Saturday 9th February

1st Sally King 29pts

Saturday 16th February
1st Bev Vann 28pts

Roworth Salver Round 4 - 17th February
1st Sally King 32pts
2nd Annie Cruse 29pts