Wonderful weather and a fun format for Ladies Captain\'s Day.

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St. Enodoc Golf Club - Ladies Captain\'s Day

Ladies Captain\'s Day

Jax Buse hosted a very successful Ladies Captain\'s Day on Tuesday 24th June which was an opportunity for her to thank all the players for their support this year. Refreshments were served adjacent to the first tee and everyone enjoyed relaxing in the beautiful sunshine with pre-round drinks.

Players were organised into twenty five teams of three and the best two scores on each hole had to be recorded. Conditions were breezy which meant that players remained cool but their club selection was quite tricky.

On returning to the Club house, the ladies enjoyed tea and cakes whilst anticipating the results. The winning teams on both courses compiled excellent scores to comfortably secure their first places. 

Holywell Course

1st  Jayne Brenton, Sue Moore, Judy Redman  89 points

2nd Barbara Robson, Viv Mably, Rhowen Yoki  83 points

3rd Gloria Crouch, Ann Irons, Jax Buse  80 points

 Trudie Tensjo, Judy Redman, Sue Moore, Jayne Brenton and Jax Buse

Church Course

1st Penny Cartwright, Larry Barnecutt, Beth Elliott  75 points

2nd Terri Gliddon, Barbara Willmott, Annie Hawkey  70 points

3rd Sue Ofield, Bobbie Rounsevell, Sue Foster  69 points

Penny Cartwright thanked all those involved in the organisation of a most enjoyable day and congratulated all the teams on their performances.