St. Enodoc Golf Club - Ladies\' Captain\'s Day grows \"curiouser and curiouser\"

Ladies\' Captain\'s Day grows \"curiouser and curiouser\"

Trudie Tensjo hosted a very successful Captains Day on Tuesday 2nd June, which was an opportunity for her to thank all the Ladies for their support this year. The start of play was delayed for an hour due to heavy rain and wind however this was no great hardship as it allowed players more time to indulge in the lovely bacon bites & croissants provided by their Captain before braving the elements on the course.

Players were organised into twenty-three teams of three and the format, which was originally 666, was curtailed to 444 on the Church Course and 555 on the Holywell Course. The teams at the front of the field had to cope with heavy drizzle as well as winds gusting over forty mph and those teams teeing off later definitely experienced better weather but playing conditions can still only be described as extremely difficult.

On returning to the Clubhouse, the ladies were rewarded with a glass of Bucks Fizz before gathering in the restaurant for a “Mad Hatters Tea Party” which included pots of refreshing “Mad Hatters Brew!” and delicious “Alice in Wonderland” sourpuss teacakes baked by Trudie’s sister Kathy Hore.

Trudie thanked everyone for joining in the day with such enthusiasm before presenting the winning teams with prizes of the most beautiful local pottery, created by Debbie Mitchell.

Church Winners; Heather Brewer and Kim Lord with \"Mad Hatter\" Trudie Tensjo (missing from photo - Carole Carter who we assume fell down a rabbit hole...)

Church Course

1st Kim Lord, Heather Brewer, Carole Carter 42 points

2nd Fiona Lunt, Jane Pain, Pat Parry 38 points

3rd Barbara Willmott, Annie Cruse, Helen Russell 36 points


Holywell Course

1st  Pauline Wilkins, Fiona Darling, Sheena Davies 57 points

2nd Jayne Brenton, Jan Townsend, Fran Pennington 55 points

3rd Margaret Godwin, Brenda Sandry, Catherine Beagley 51 points


Kim Lord thanked Trudie for hosting a most memorable day and congratulated everyone on coping so well with the demanding conditions, she was hoping to arrive back in Somerset in record time assisted by a brisk breeze!

Trudie closed the day by reciting a home produced poem, titled, “The St Enodoc Ladies at Golf on Captains Day” and then wished them all a very safe journey home.