St. Enodoc Golf Club - John Cory Cup Round 6 and Series Results

The last round of the John Cory Cup was played on Saturday.  72 members braved the drizzle to fight for the remaining series points, not a single ball was tampered with, all played as gentlemen and not Australian Cricketers.

Tristan Lang was on fire, he scored a fantastic 44 points to win.  Playing off 20, Tris  started with a birdie on the 1st, to score 20 points on the way out, and then with another birdie on the 14th, he had 24 points on the way home.  Tris' handicap has been cut by 3.3 to 16.2.

In second place Martin Wilson scored a very respectable 39 points, he had birdes on the 8th and the 14th.  Neither Tris nor Martin had entered the series so the all important 20 series points went to Rob Cook in 3rd place with 38 points.  

Andy Beare finished in 4th place on countback with 37 points, ahead of John Pease who also scored 37 points. Phil Hoare had 36 points in 6th place ahead of Richard Lawrence, Norman Evans, Matthew Warr and Richard Hawken respectively who all had 35 points.

The Winner of the John Cory Cup Series 2018 is James Hutchings.  James had done enough in previous rounds to fend off Rob Cooks best efforts on Saturday but only just.  Both players finished the series with 59 points, and both had a 4th best score of 15.  James took the top spot with his 5th best score of 11 beating Rob's 8.  

Bob Cruse finished in 3rd place with 53 series points beating John Pease by the 4th best score.  Kevin Brenton finished in 5th with 52 series points.  Prizes were awarded to the top ten in the series, with the results shown below.  for the full table please follow the link or have a look in 'Extras'.

Series Results

John Cory Cup Series 2017-2018

(Ties decided on next best score)


1st       James Hutching                  59 points                  £85.00 Voucher

2nd       Rob Cook                          59 points                  £74.00 Voucher

3rd       Bob Cruse                         53 points                  £65.00 Voucher

4th       John Pease                        53 points                  £57.00 Voucher

5th       Kevin Brenton                    52 points                  £49.00 Voucher

6th       Andy Bunt                         50 points                  £41.00 Voucher

7th       Paul Clemens                     50 points                  £33.00 Voucher

8th       Rod Frost                           50 points                  £25.00 Voucher

9th       Matthew Warr                    48 points                  £16.00 Voucher    

10th     Richard Lawrence               48 points                  £8.00 Voucher