St. Enodoc Golf Club - John Cory Cup (4)

John Cory Cup (4)

The first men’s competition of 2019 was the John Cory Cup, played last Saturday on 5th January. 83 members turned out, eager to stick to their New Year’s resolutions! The weather was crisp and dry but lots of members were still a bit sluggish after Christmas if the scores are anything to go by!

Martin Wilson wasn’t having any problems, he finished with 39 points, 19 out, 20 in, and a birdie on the 19th. Martin’s playing handicap is cut by 3 shots as a result.

In second place Dennis Brown scored 38 points with a birdie on the 11th. Dennis takes the 20 series points in round 4 of the 6 round series.

Nigel Ahearn and Andy Bunt finished in 3rd and 4th place respectively with 35 points each and Rob Cook came in 5th with 34 points.

11 prizes were awarded with Nigel Connolly, 6th, James Hutchings, 7th and David Elliott, 8th, scoring 33 points each and Kevin Brenton, 9th, Graham Keeble, 10th, and Mark Luxton in 11th place all scoring 32 points.