St. Enodoc Golf Club - It's Davids' Day !

It's Davids' Day !

Before the punctuation and grammar police get all excited - no there is not a mistake in the placement of the apostrophe in the heading of this piece - now relax and read on.

Saturday 6th August the weather sages said was to be very warm and sunny. Well it was warm but the sun did appear late in the afternoon and all in all it was a decent day for Club Captain's Day 2016. Shot gun start, mixed teams of four, two stableford scores to count and on both courses. Classic format and great for a fun, social round of golf. But who is the nosey guy in the buggy with a video camera taking footage of our lovely grooved swings and the three putts ? Well that is the other David and why it was Davids' Day. David who ? None other than renowned trick shot artist David Edwards and who the Club Captain had persuaded to schlepp all the way down to Cornwall to entertain the Club Members on Captain's Day. This turned out to be a great initiative when after the the golf David E amazed us all for an hour with an incredible range of tricks with clubs short, long, double in size. Balls hit one,  two and three at a time. Tees both long, short, unusual and plain bizarre. Balls hit simultaneously with one club in each hand. To say that all watching found the show "incroyable" would be an understatement. And that was not all ! Next, three quarters of an hour of the video David E had taken on the course .... but with commentary of the most hilarious nature at the Members expense. PGA Pro, trick shot artist and comedian David Edwards gave a very special something extra to Captain's Day. Much of the action was captured on camera by Stuart Morley and all his pictures may be found on our Facebook page.

But what about the golf ? The real stuff, the every day fight against the long grass. Well the winners were on the Holywell

  • Dave Oldham
  • Nigel Ashcroft
  • Jean Nicholls
  • Pat Parry

and on the Church Course

  • Annie Hawkey
  • Pat Bradbury
  • Nigel Buse
  • Kenton Williams