St. Enodoc Golf Club - Installation of sea defences to the rear of the 12th tee and work on the 4th hole

Installation of sea defences to the rear of the 12th tee and work on the 4th hole

Some time ago the Management Committee accepted the recommendations of our consultants - Royal Haskonning - in respect of the steps necessary to prevent further erosion of the sand dune behind the 12th tee. The complete Royal Haskonning report is available for Members to read in the Meeting Notes Archive.

Installation of the 1st phase of the Royal Haskonning recommendations has now commenced. This involves the erection of chesnut paling the entire length of the dune on the seaward side approximately 5m from the current toe. The purpose of the chesnut paling is two fold - firstly to slow down wind speed over the paling thus allowing wind blown sand to drop between the fence and the toe of the dune; secondly to trap water borne sand and sediment. In this way restoration of the dune can slowly commence. Once the chestnut paling is in place a large security fence will be built in front of it. All of this work has the full consent of both Cornwall Council and Natural England. The beach at Daymer immediately in front of the dune is owned by the Club.

We will also be commencing a large scale planting of marram grass on the face of the dune; this too with the objective of trapping sand and providing a bond to prevent further wind blown erosion. Some 4000 marram plants will be used.

The mitigation solution being put in place has been tried and tested successfully elsewhere around the world and we are confident it will assist in containing the dune retreat on the 12th tee.

Work in the marsh area adjacent to the 4th fairway has also commenced; this as recommended by, and in full compliance with, the STRI report. The primary objectives of this years work will be to reduce sediment build up in order to avoid flooding and the removal of scrub and willow. The work will be carried out by a specialist contractor and overseen by our Consultant Ecologist.