St. Enodoc Golf Club - Hosting a player at the English Women's Amatuer Championship

Hosting a player at the English Women's Amatuer Championship

Members have expressed interest in the news item posted  on 15th March regarding hosting competitors for the English Women's Amateur Championship from July 15th to 17th. However some have been unclear what it would actually entail. The object of the exercise is, more than anything, to save the competitors from the expense of booking accommodation which just as the holiday season is beginning will be expensive particularly the closer to the Club that one gets. It is a costly business playing top national golf with both travel costs and accommodation even if the stays are only in B & Bs and anything that we can do to reduce those costs will help the players.

Staying in someone's home, even if a stranger at the beginning of the week, is always going to be more personal and friendly and even more so with someone familiar with St Enodoc and its course. So what is really expected of a host? Obviously a bed for the night and possibly a breakfast depending on their tee time. After that most competitors will probably eat at the Club or go out for a meal, again all time dependent on their golf. Certainly meals other than breakfast would be entirely arranged between the parties but there would certainly be no formal committment in advance.

Now to golf where in the past hosts have caddied for their guests, ask Frank Harper who caddied for Kent girl Helen Batt in 2002. What could be better for a host to have real involvement with their guest and at the same time providing real course knowledge which would be a huge help. Lasting friendships have been made on these events Barbara Robson will certainly tell you. Tuck has been compiling a list of Members who would like to host a player, so if you are interested please let him know. My guess is that those players who enter closer to the event will be the ones to struggle to find the better value accommodation and will benefit the most. It is going to be a great event and this a a good way of being really close to the action.