St. Enodoc Golf Club - Holywell Seniors Winter Golf

Holywell Seniors Winter Golf

The Holywell Seniors golf through the winter seasons was generally well attended. We have gained several welcome additions to our numbers – some of them comparatively young! We are getting used to having three or fourballs competing with each other in several different formats; this produces a more social form of competition which I think most of us now prefer.

Stablefords are usually played monthly but we lost several of them to the weather. Our HW Seniors handicaps are based on these but we were unable to reschedule two of them. Latest handicaps based on the Stableford played on the 10/4 are now on the board.

On the 10th April the Stableford was well attended by 20 stalwarts. David Ramsbottom took third place with 33 points on countback from George Phillips. The revitalised John Godwin was second with 34 points who takes the money and a .3 mark up on his handicap! How does he do that?

I rang Tom Lehan in the morning to see if he was coming and could I ride in his buggy?

He didn't think he would come but when I told him he wouldn't get his free golfball if he didn't – he changed his mind! Turn up he did and despite his bad back and general mallaise he achieved a very creditable 35 points.

Everybody who played in the Winter Eclectic and attended the presentation was awarded his free golf ball when the Presentation was held after the Stableford. Tyrrell and David gave the prizes as follows.

Best Nett (50.35) David Balmford Best Gross (66) Tom Lehan

2nd Nett (54.58) Dermott Studd 3rd Nett (55.28) Nigel Gallagher

4th Nett (56.35) Jim Crouch Most Birdies (4) David Barber

Best Hole David Miller Improvement David Girling

David thanked evrybody for turning up and said that he felt very privileged to be able to play golf at St Enodoc with such an aimiable bunch of blokes. David Girling thanked David B for all the work he does for the Holywell Seniors; David replied that he enjoyed doing it and that it enabled him to behave like a Little Hitler occasionally!