St. Enodoc Golf Club - Holywell Seniors Report

Holywell Seniors Report

At last we are having a period of weather which brings a few more of us out to vent our spleen on the Holywell. Through the winter we have had to cancel two stablefords and postpone two eclectics. Many's the Monday or Friday when we have admired the rain driving horizontally across the 18th green as we drink our coffee. The eclectics will have to be rescheduled of course; this will no doubt get up the noses of those of us who have carefully arranged our spring breaks around these very special dates.

The third round of the eclectic was played on the 14th March. Two prominent front runners improved by 5 and 7 shots respectively but they were eclipsed by Tom Lehan and David Girling who managed 11 and 12 shots respectively. Bill Hughes played his first round in 75 gross. This was one shot below his adjusted Church handicap and put him over half way up the list; good one, Bill.

It was not all bad all winter. Please see my shot of Ed and Dave sallying forth to do battle over the crock of gold which they obviously have left in the clubhouse for safe keeping.

T. J. Peg