St. Enodoc Golf Club - Happy Christmas

It is now time to wish all our readers a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. We would like to thank all the correspondents who have so regularly contributed to make our Members Page an up to date and interesting read, Di Dingle and now Annie Cruse for the Ladies, John Bower and now John Harbinson with David Balmford for the Seniors, Kenton Williams for the Junior Academy and Rob Davies on the Men\'s weekly competitions.

Many of you have seen the regular reports and photos which have appeared in the local papers which is as a result of the work put in by George Dale behind the scenes who edits our reports for submission. We now get almost all of our articles included each week as the papers realise that we provide them with quality pieces. To start with, some seven years ago, our exposure was limited now it is comprehensive thanks to George\'s work all of which is for the benefit of the Club. Thank you George from all of us. A word of thanks also for John Holman and Chris Crocker-White from Tanist our behind the scenes gurus who also look after all of the Club\'s information technology.

The “Son of Website” has now been live for just over a year now and we are delighted with it and the readership has increased by some 30%. The addition this year of the helicopter fly-over was a great step forward in keeping it at the cutting edge of golf club websites and the main marketing tool for the Club. The feeds to our Twitter and Facebook pages has spread our readership and results in about an extra 300 visits to the website a month. Regrets? Yes a couple, Niblick has received far too little gossip to report on and last year\'s Christmas Quiz received not one entry; in future just like the GCSEs we will have to lower the standard of the questions.

Good golfing in 2013.

Simon and Ian