St. Enodoc Golf Club - Greens Maintenance - September 2021 - Hollow Coring

Greens Maintenance - September 2021 - Hollow Coring

Repair and Recovery

In our strive to promote finer grasses throughout the surfaces on the golf courses it is essential to build up a seed bank. This will have a dilution effect on the existing undesirable grasses. The process which is needed to create growth and ultimately recovery is a process called hollow tining.

We have a perfect machine which allows us to complete this maintenance procedure quickly and efficiently.

we will use a 12mm hollow tine which will allow us to create a close pattern which doesn't disrupt the surface a great deal.

Once this initial operation is complete the cores that were produced on left to draw on the surface ready to be reintroduced along with a pure fescue seed.

A feed will be given to aid recovery once the cores and seed have been worked into the holes that were left and into the surface.

Finally, a top dressing of pure sand will be given to fill any existing holes and level the surface.

We aim to start this process as soon as possible to coincide with optimum growing conditions. Initially this process will be performed around certain green surrounds and pinch points off fairways. The work that is carried out should not cause any interruption of play or disturb the surfaces greatly.