St. Enodoc Golf Club - Goodbye to Two Great Reporters

For some considerable while readers of the website have been enjoying the words of wisdom from two of our regular contributors both of whom are moving on to pastures new after distinguished journalistic careers on your behalf. John Bower started to produce a monthly newsletter of activity in the Seniors\' ranks at the time he became Captain, not only were they informative but also very amusing. When his year of office came to an end (which was so long ago we can not actually remember when it was) he was persuaded to continue in the role of correspondent which he has continued to this day. He has finally decided to hang up his keyboard and will be succeeded by John Harbinson for Church course action and David Balmford on the Holywell.

Di Dingle, a couple of years ago, took it upon herself to start writing a weekly report of the Ladies competitions which we also send to the local papers and has resulted in the tremendous increase in the coverage that St Enodoc has in the Cornish Guardian so raising the profile of the Club locally. Her reports are in there week in week out which also has a great benefit in ensuring that all our other reports get printed. Di was very much the instigator of the weekly report the success of which has now been used as the model which is now being followed by the Seniors and of late has been extended to the Men\'s section with Rob Davies\'s excellent “inside track” scoops. Di has now taken over as Ladies Treasurer to be succeeded by Annie Cruse.

All of us on the website would like to thank them for their hard work and dedication the result of which has been that the standard of the Members Page content has consistently improved and those that read it must be the best informed Golf Club members in the country! It has also made our job so much easier in being able to rely on them not only for the regularity of their submissions but also the high quality of their written English which rarely requires editing. Thanks again both of you, you will be hard acts to follow.