St. Enodoc Golf Club - Godfrey?s Army marches on

Seniors’ Captain Paul Godfrey led his handpicked team of eight Seniors to the Point for the qualifying round of the annual Harry Champion competition. Heavy rain and gusty winds confronted the old boys but these men are made of strong stuff and were not going to let a drop of rain divert them from their mission.

Four pairs set out to play pairs from other clubs around the County. The objective was not only to win, but to win early as there were 6 points available in each match to be shared according to the result. Three pairs managed to get a maximum 6 points by winning by the 15th hole. Godfrey’s leadership is unquestioned, but it's clearly taking a toll on his golf. Substitutes are permitted in this competition.

  • Keith Hawke and John Radford - 6 points
  • Richard Parsons and Kevin Birkett - 6 points
  • Paul Godfrey and Kenton Williams - 0 points
  • Nigel Thomas and Derek Rushton - 6 points

The team returns to the Point on the 9th of July for the final.