St. Enodoc Golf Club - Freezing temperatures no deterrent for the hardy Seniors

After this week’s Monday roll-up, a dozen or so Seniors were left to ponder one of life’s golfing conundrums. The temperature hovered around zero; the wind chill was around minus 5 or 6 and the easterly wind was blowing a hooly - conditions which should have kept all sensible wrinklies by their cocoa and firesides. Yet while the wimps drove home, a dozen or so seniors ventured into the freezer to play a 9 hole better-ball Stableford competition – it seems that some of us grow-up and some just get older !

And there’s the puzzle ……….. how did our Secretary and Past-Captain manage to score 20 points when the majority struggled to get within even 5 or 6 points of them ? It was an achievement which was met with a combination of envy, disbelief, astonishment, admiration (through gritted teeth) and perhaps, a determination to return to regular prayer. When the duo then, with tongue in cheek, queried the card of another less successful pair, someone quipped, ‘I’ve heard of bad losers, but never bad winners !” Theirs was a remarkable performance worthy of the £2.00 prize (!) – well played Tony M and Harry G !