St. Enodoc Golf Club - First phase 12th tee dune restoration complete

First phase 12th tee dune restoration complete

After a number of false starts, work on the first phase of protecting the sand dune at Daymer Bay to the rear of the 12th tee is now complete. Sand accumulation at the foot of the dune has commenced - see the attached photos and which were taken on 8th April, 19th May and 31st May. There was a spring tide on the 26th May and no damage was done to the chestnut paling. Any damage this summer is more likely to come from those seeking barbeque fuel. We have spare lengths of paling if repairs are necessary.

The R&A are taking great interest in the work and are now using our sand mitigation programme as a case study. (

The final invoices have now been received for this project and the total cost has been £53,910 incl VAT. Of this £8,075 incl VAT was spent prior to engaging our consultants Royal Haskonning and was for the replacement of the fencing lost during the winter of 2019/20. The original budget for Royal Haskonning fees and the implementation of phase 1 was £60,000.

We will now keep phase 1 under observation for the next ten months to understand if further work will be necessary to prevent dune retreat.