St. Enodoc Golf Club - Final Report - Conservation Enhancement Scheme - Rock Dunes

Final Report - Conservation Enhancement Scheme - Rock Dunes

The last report has been published from the Clubs commitment to a Conservation Enhancement scheme that has been funded in partnership with Natural England.

The reports are a comprehensive summary of the work that has taken place to improve the dune systems condition following an initial report in 2014 (Natural England) in which the area was described as being in an unfavourable / declining condition. The main reasons given for this description was a lack of corrective works for 'inappropriate' scrub and the presence of non-native species such as Red Valerian, Cotoneaster, and Sea Buckthorn.

A recent email from Hugh Tyler (Cornwall, Devon & Isles of Scilly Team - Natural England) comments on the efforts being made to continue the progress made by exploring other funding options:

Dear David and Simon

Many thanks for the report which makes interesting reading. The work undertaken through the CES funding supported and guided by you both has had positive results on the dune system which is great to see. However, I note the comments about the next few years when the CES funding drops off and before the Environmental Land Management Scheme comes into play in 2024. I am acutely aware that not only has significant progress been made in enhancing the SSSI dune habitat, but in the course of the works we have built a successful partnership between Natural England, the Golf Club and Attwell Associates that I am keen to maintain and not lose the benefits we have achieved to date.

I know we have previously discussed the Countryside Stewardship scheme and it was concluded that it would not work on Rock Dunes for a number of reasons. However, I will continue to raise the issue within Natural England to try and find a source of funding that can bridge the gap until the E.L.M. scheme comes into force.

There are two reports:

The CES Project Report : CLICK HERE

Survey of Cleared Scrub Area : CLICK HERE

Both reports are available as a permanent reference in the meeting note archive on the Club website.

A special thank you to David Attwell associates who have been instrumental in the success of the project alongside the contractors who carefully and patiently carried out the work over the last four years.