St. Enodoc Golf Club - Farmers Christmas Golf & Dinner

Farmers Christmas Golf & Dinner

A normal Farmers Weekly turnout varies between twenty-five and forty dependent on the season and weather. Such is the popularity of the annual Farmers Christmas bash however that some sixty "Farmers" signed up to play yesterday, some of whom had not been seen on a Thursday since the early Ice Age.

As is to be expected in December yesterday's weather was changeable; what the Shippping Forecast might have described as "airs light to variable with the occasional shower, some heavy". Well there was indeed a very heavy and unpleasant downpour at one point which caught more or less every team on the course.

The Farmers Weekly, since the retirement of John Walker and Eric Symons, is now under new Management and who this year decided upon a change to the traditional format for the day's principal competition, namely the Cole Cup. Instead of the aggregate scores being those of each separate team, each player was drawn blind into another four. Blind is perhaps a little inaccurate as Niblick understands that this matter was left in the hands of Mssrs Walker and Symons and who using a mixture of their experience, tea leaves and dice decided who was to play with whom. Whatever the methodology it threw together the "Fab Four" whose photograph is above and are the winners of the Cole Cup 2016. Sadly Malcolm Cole, recuperating at home after surgery, was not in attendance to present the trophy which bears his name - every Farmer wishes him a speedy recovery.

The best individual scores of the day were recorded by

1st Pete Liddicoat 39 points

2nd Martin Trees 37 points

3rd Mark Jarvis 35 points

Niblick understands that Martin's score could have been somewhat better except that his marker at one point insisted that he had taken more than five minutes to look for a ball and gave him zero points for the hole. Who said that the Christmas spirit was dead at St Enodoc ?

Mention must be made of the excellent meal provided by Iain Gray and his staff who also had to put up with clearing up more mess than you would expect to find at an average five year old's party.

Pete Liddicoat (centre) with the individual winners cheque, flanked by (r) MC Kenton Williams and (l) by his minder Steve Smith