St. Enodoc Golf Club - Farmers Christmas Golf & Dinner 2015

Farmers Christmas Golf & Dinner 2015

It is sad but true that the Farmers Weekly Christmas bash is rarely blessed with decent weather and todays competition was no exception. The day did not start well with a thirty minute power cut half way though breakfast leaving some golfers with luke warm rashers and the others struggling to get into the car park with the entry barrier frozen in the half open position. A one hour delay and a restricted twelve hole competition was decided upon but the early starters none the less suffered a real soaking for the first half dozen holes.

This was the first Farmers Christmas since 1999 and which was not under the eagle eyes of John Walker and Eric Symons and whose retirement from the role as Farmers God Fathers we have previously reported on. Thanks to their adherence to custom and routine under their care the FW has prospered and grown ever more popular with a reputation beyond the confines of the Club. John is known for his great care in checking score cards and it has been known for the odd disqualification to occur; it is said but your scribe cannot confirm that Frank Harper was once disqualified for signing an illegible card! Eric is known as the master statistician and regales the assembled FW Christmas Dinner with fascinating facts and figures. His friendly greeting of “who are you and what\'s your handicap” will be missed. Their contribution was acknowledged at a special presentation this evening compered by Kenton Williams when gifts, made possible by the generosity of \"Farmers\" past and present, were presented along with bound souvenir albums of photographs and prose.

The excellent FW Christmas Dinner which followed was as usual somewhat boisterous and noisy, bit like a Temperance Society AGM in fact. Kenton Williams made some unfourtunate remarks about the English rugby team and which, such is the nature of sport, may come back to haunt him ! There were some innovative awards presented, so many in fact that some Members began to wonder if they were going to get home in time to be tucked up and read their usual bed time story.

Oh yes and the golf. The days individual winner with a fine twelve hole score of 25 points was David Oldham. The team prize for the Malcolm Cole Cup was won by Joe & Bob Cruse playing with Club Captain David Elliott and General Manager Tuck Clagett.

The winners of the Malcolm Cole Cup 2015: l to r: Tuck Clagett, Joe Cruse, Malcolm Cole, Bob Cruse and David Elliott