St. Enodoc Golf Club - Farmers Christmas Golf 2019

Farmers Christmas Golf 2019

Winners of the Cole Cup 2019: Club Captain Bob Cruse, Joe Cruse, Martin Biddle and Mike Masters

A normal Farmers Weekly turnout varies between twenty-five and forty dependent on the season and weather. Such is the popularity of the annual Farmers Christmas bash however that some sixty "Farmers" signed up to play yesterday, some of whom had not been seen on a Thursday since the early Ice Age.

As is to be expected in December the weather was not good, in fact it was awful. High winds and driving rain all day. Some managed only two holes, others but four. The really hardy twelve and which was the agreed number for the event.

The MC for the evening and Farmers Obersturmfuhrer since the retirement of John Walker and Eric Symons, Kenton Williams was on good form ensuring that the Captain's Charity benfited from numerous fines for misdemeanours both real and imagined.

The winners of the Cole Cup, pictured above, managed a very creditable team score of eighty points whilst the individual winner on the day was Aidrian Halling with a quite excellent twenty-four points.

Mention must be made of the excellent meal provided by Iain Gray and his staff who also had to put up with clearing up more mess than you would expect to find at an average five year old's party.