St. Enodoc Golf Club - Farmers Christmas Golf Competition 2018

Farmers Christmas Golf Competition 2018

Winners of the Cole Cup pictured l to r: Martin Biddle, Adrian Halling, Lord Daymer of Bay, Nick Williams and Lewis Bradley

A normal Farmers Weekly turnout varies between twenty-five and forty dependent on the season and weather. Such is the popularity of the annual Farmers Christmas bash however that some fifty "Farmers" signed up to play yesterday, some of whom had not been seen on a Thursday since the early Ice Age.

The Farmers Christmas golf has a long tradition and which goes back to 1972 when introduced by the late Harvey Knight and whose commemorative bench, incidentally, may be found on the 5th yellow tee.

Before the meal a moments silence was held to remember Farmers stalwart John Walker and who passed away this summer. His long time colleague and Farmers Godfather was this years Guest of Honour.

As is to be expected in December yesterday's weather was changeable; what the Shipping Forecast might have described as "airs light to variable with the occasional shower”, considering the rain we have had lately the weather was in fact rather good albeit a bit on the breezy side.

On the golfing side mention must be made of Lewis Bradley, this years Junior Captain and the son of a “real” Farmer, his score of 40 points would be be excellent on a summers day but in yesterday's breeze quite exceptional – well played Lewis ! (Memo for the Handicap Committee - Lewis also won this years Turkey Trot)

The best aggregate team score of the day was recorded by the team of Nick Williams, Adrian Halling, Martin Biddle and Lewis Bradley and who win the Cole Cup.

The best individual scores of the day were those of

1st Lewis Bradley 40 points

2nd Simon Trevan 35 points

3rd Kevin Burton 34 points

During the year the Farmers played on forty-four occasions, £600 pounds of prize money was won and of which Richard Parsons won most – entirely appropriate for a most consistent golfer and modest with it too. Well played Richard !

Mention must be made of the excellent meal provided by Iain Gray and his staff – thank you !

These events are always somewhat noisy and boisterous with balloons and poppers making as much noise as a WWII air raid. The mess afterwards would leave the average five year old embarrassed; Iain Grey and his staff are probably there now clearing up as this piece is typed.

More photographs of the evening may be found on our Facebook page