St. Enodoc Golf Club - Farmers Christmas Bash

Farmers Christmas Bash

The Farmers\' Christmas Bash is one of the many rites of Christmas at St Enodoc never to be missed and the management of John Walker and Eric Symons insist that it is loaded with tradition. Strangely the golf this year saw the full 18 holes played for only the second time in the last 5 years and even so it was very windy all day at about 30 mph with a fair amount of constant drizzle making conditions even harder. There is an individual card as well as the team score for the Malcolm Cole Trophy and under the conditions Ian Day\'s winning score of 30 points was extremely good and he beat Paddy Graham and Keith Willmott to the money. The team prize with a score of 97 points went to the team of Tim Burridge, Dennis Brown, Norman Evans and Mark Arrowsmith.

John Walker gave his usual very amusing speech peppered with facts and plenty of heightist jokes at the expense of 3 unfortunates. At 1,050 there were fewer rounds played this year as the Farmers only went out on 42 days, the best individual round was a Gross 64 and playing off +2 giving 39 points from Mark Arrowsmith and the player winning the most money over the season was Ian Day with Paul Godfrey and Steve Smith not far behind.

Individual winner on the day and for the season Ian Day collecting his winnings from John Walker

As usual everyone enjoyed the excellent meal in such convivial surroundings and after John and Eric were thanked for their hard work all year everyone was already looking forward to the Farmers in 2015 especially to be kept in order by the Headmaster like the naughty schoolboys that we all pretend to be; long live the Farmers!