St. Enodoc Golf Club - Eric Symons passes the baton

Eric Symons passes the baton

Eric retired to Cornwall in 1985, arriving on Mayday.

His paternal great grandfathers were mine captains in the Redruth area. They were eventually poached by the Emperor of Brazil to run the Gold mines.

'Biggles' Truelove proposed him for membership and it took 6 months to get in. In the meantime he was allowed to play in the Farmers run at that time by Harvey Knight.

John Walker and Eric took over the running of the Farmers around 1998 and as he says 'the rest is history!'

It is rumoured that many who turned up on a Thursday came primarily to be entertained by Eric and John Walker. Many a phrase was coined over the years.

"A dreadful man."

"The dreaded Spong"

"Member X disqualified for an untidy card"

Over the years the one process that has kept the Farmers on an even keel was Eric's immaculate recording system, which gave rise to another response.

"I will tell you what handicap you are playing off."

On the occasion of Eric's official retirement from Farmers recording keeping duties, on Thursday last, a good number turned up to thank him. Thanks which was supported by a good number of gifts and one of Kenton Williams shorter monologues.