St. Enodoc Golf Club - Ecological Management Plans for the Church & Holywell Courses

Ecological Management Plans for the Church & Holywell Courses

Last year the Management Committee, recognising the Club's responsibility to manage our courses in an environmentally and ecologically friendly manner, commissioned the Sports Turf Research Institute to carry out a survey of both courses and the SSSI area we own in the sand dunes. The comprehensive STRI reports, one for each course and both more fifty pages long, may now be found in the Meeting Notes Archive.

A summary of the Club's objectives are:

• Sustain two high-quality 18-hole golf courses that will remain two of the more prestigious golf courses within the country.

• Maintain, restore or enhance the ecological features which define the natural ambience of a links golf course.

• Improve sightlines across the course to many of the local natural features.

• Promote to members the wildlife and landscape value of the course and the role of the Club in safeguarding it.

• Ensure the ongoing improvement in status of the SSSI across the course until favourable status is reached.

The conservation objectives are:

• Maintain or enhance the ecosystem services provided by the habitats and associated wildlife present across the course.

• Identify areas particularly valuable to species and habitats of conservation concern and maintain or enhance where identified.

• Ensure that succession and invasive species do not significantly impact the habitats and species present across the course.

Amongst other recommendations the report recognises the need to greatly reduce the amount of scrub on the course and Members will have noted the work already started this winter on removal. The removal of the tamarisk behind the 11th, where the roots had started to invade the green, is part of this programme, removal will improve the flow of air at ground level on the green and improve the sight line to the estuary from the tee.

The photograph above taken about 1937 shows the 11th green without a tamarisk hedge and the 14th tee also without the non native trees at the rear. Further reference to the STRI reports may be found in the latest Minutes of the Greens Committee and found under "Meeting Notes Archive".