St. Enodoc Golf Club - Dymond Cup Report - July 17th

Dymond Cup Report - July 17th

All winners were notified by myself yesterday and this year due to all the mayhem all juniors have had to endure with golf, yes I know we have too but…..I have asked Chris Dymond if I could go to 5 prizes, and of course she said yes.

So as of a short while ago, I have now let those juniors know too.

I’d like to say a special thank you to Caroline and Kath for stepping into help me out and making this day possible. Also Caroline who managed to get photos of everyone for me so that was the icing on the cake.

Thanks also to those parents, grandparents and lady members for supporting the Dymond Cup like they did and I do know that everyone had a great day. I’m also aware that the heat was pretty tough to handle, not just for some of our lady members but also the juniors, so well done everyone.

Congratulations goes to Eva Newman and Archie Ball. This was their first ever 18 hole competition. I hear you both did a great job of keeping your partners on the straight and narrow! I hope to see you both signing up again for the next competition, which I will be sorting out soon.

As you will see the scores were very close and I do know there was a bit side betting going on, of course no money exchanged hands, just before someone says anything!! I know who you are!!!

1st Larry Barnecutt + Liam

36pts 17 out 19 in

Penny Moon. + Danté

35pts 16 out 19 in

3rd. Sue Richards + Thomas

35pts 17 out 18 in

4th Meg Godfrey. + Bobby

34pts 17 out 17 in

5th Suzi Wilmott + Alfie

33pts 16 out 17 in

6th Sarah Sandercock & Jack 30pts

7th Kim Lord + Eva 29pts

8th Caroline HK + Megan 29pts

9th Lyn Ashcroft + Lewis 27pts

10th Chris Dymond + Harry 25pts

11th Marie Deboer + Teo 25pts

12th Cath Buscombe + Quinn 22pts

13th Kath Biddle + Archie