St. Enodoc Golf Club - Ducks but no Dawdling !

Cricketers detest ducks and golfers abhor dawdlers - both diminish the joys and satisfaction of the two games, but on Friday 30th November, the Lady Vets and the Seniors enjoyed their annual funfest, the Duck Dawdle to the full.
In view of the deluges of the previous days, that the competition was able to go ahead at all was a tribute to the green staff whose remarkable efforts ensured that all 18 holes of the Holywell course were open. They were applauded and thanked warmly by those present.
Nevertheless, whilst there was no obvious dawdling, there were several pools of water which the ducks and seagulls found attractive, but fortunately, all competitors managed to avoid taking an early bath. However, your correspondent understands that one nervous soul declined to retrieve his/her ball from one of the pools on the 17th after being told that it was a Vicar of Dibley type puddle created by one senior prankster and that he/she may have to miss communion in the restaurant !
Meanwhile, as the scores suggest, there was some very accomplished golf played, as well as a few shanks no doubt, but the highlight of the day was surely the hole-in-one on the 15th achieved by the evergreen Ian McLellan. And we must dispel the rumour that he used only a 9 iron, or that it was he who initiated such a rumour ! But seriously Ian - congratulations !
With thanks all round, prizes were presented by the captains, Janet Walton and Peter Commings and announced in his delightful O level French (failed !) by the ever efficient Seniors’ secretary, Tony Mindel !

Fresh Duck plus ‘Benducks’ Mints
Pat Parry and David Bentley
45 points
Four Fresh Duck Breasts
Cath Beagley and Tom Lehan
44 points - Count Back
Bottle of Duck Bill Pinot Noir
Rose Jones and Tony Mindel
44 points (CB)
Jar of Stilton and Hovis ‘Quackers’
Sue Walker and John Godwin
44 points (CB)
Bottle of Little Penguin Wine (Antarctic Duck)
Beth Elliott and Peter Mattinson!
43 points
Two Fresh Duck Breasts
Freda Wherry and David Ramsbottom
42 points (CB)
Bone China Mug – Duck Themed
Janet Walton and Nigel Thomas!
42 points (CB)
Rillettes de Canard
Mary Hooper and Stuart Dymond
41 points (CB)

Below: The 2102 Duck Dawdle winners Pat Parry and David Bentley with Captains Janet Walton and Peter Commings plus Secretary Tony Mindel