St. Enodoc Golf Club - Duck Dawdle 2017

Duck Dawdle 2017

The Seniors and Lady Vets held what is believed to be the tenth Duck Dawdle, held on the Holywell course on Friday (we are Seniors and Vets after all ! ).They came together in 16 teams of four, consisting of mainly two men and two women with three scores to count.

There was no need to declare excuses beforehand for the golf, as the day was absolutely glorious with no wind.It was clearly one of the days held over from the Summer.Obviously, the fact that Tony Rounsevell was playing was a critical factor in this.

The scoring was fairly good, although there were still a fair number of ducks.Four teams achieved above par.Ducks were the theme of the day for the prizes, but fortunately there were other choices for lunch.To this end we must thank Iain and his team once again for serving up a wonderful meal to the 64 attendees.

The Prizes were presented by Seniors Vice Captain Colin Earle and Lady Vets Captain Mary Baillie.

1st 118 points - Dermot Studd, Nigel Gallagher, Carole Carter, Margaret Godwin.

2nd 116 points - Keith Hawke, Stuart Sandercock, Judy Redman, Jayne Brenton.

3rd 110 points - Tony Rounsevell, Kevin Lawton, Teresa Radford, Lorna Harper.

4th 109 points - John Russell, Jim Crouch, Cath Buscombe, Gloria Crouch.

5th 107 points - Alan Nicholls, Ann Crossley, Helen Russell, Nan Girling.

NTP Ladies

4th - Mary Baillie

16th - Jayne Brenton


5th – David Balmford

18th – John Godwin

The theme will become Lamb when the Seniors and Lady Vets get together again in April for the Lamb Gambol.