St. Enodoc Golf Club - Direct Debit for Annual Subscription in 2020

Direct Debit for Annual Subscription in 2020

Direct Debit payment will be an option for all members to consider when receiving their subscription invoices in December.

The Club has entered into an agreement with the leading provider of Golf Membership funding.

Full details will be included in your Membership renewal advices that will be posted in early December which will direct you to and online application and all of the terms and conditions that apply. There will also be leaflets available in reception at the Golf Club and a link on the Club website that will redirect you to the credit providers site.

Please note the direct debit will be a credit agreement between you and the credit provider* - it will not be with St Enodoc Golf Club.

All agreements must be set up 30 days before the first direct debit payment is collected in January 2020.

There will be 10 payments in total - January to October.

*A credit charge will be levied by the credit provider on any amount you borrow for advance payment of your subscriptions.

Please contact the office if you need any further assistance or information regarding Direct Debit payment option.

Tel : 01208 863216