St. Enodoc Golf Club - Daymer Bay sea defences - an update

Daymer Bay sea defences - an update

The photograph shows, left the base of the dune on the day of completion of the installation and right the buld up of sand after just a few months.

During the winter storms of 2019/20 the sand dune behind the 12th tee at Daymer Bay suffered significant damage, the fencing on the beach was washed away and part of the dune was lost. In the spring of 2020 the Club appointed consultants, Royal Haskonning, to advise us on their prognosis for the future risks to the dune and mitigation steps.

In September 2020 we received their report, which indicated that without intervention the dune would continue to retreat and that the 12tt tee and 11th green would be threatened. Their recommendations for mitigation were accepted and the necessary planning consents received.

Despite difficulties of varying degrees phase 1 of the new sea defences were installed and completed in Easter this year. The installation is designed to encourage a build up of sand at the base of the dune and to encorauge it's restoration. After 8 months it is clear that the dune is slowly recovering; however the defences have yet to be tested by a really powerfull winter storm, no doubt that will come in the next few months.