St. Enodoc Golf Club - Custom Club Fitting

The world of hi-tech has reached the Pro shop at St Enodoc with Nick\'s acquisition of a Foresight CG2. This gizmo through the use of high speed cameras gives a complete analysis on a laptop of each shot and instantly shows the club head speed, launch speed and angle, side spin, backspin, carry and finally distance covered.

 It is an invaluable tool in bespoke club fitting and with its help it takes out all the guess work in selecting the most suitable shafts particularly and in a very short space of time club specification can be tailored for the best results. As Nick says that an increase in swing speed of just 3 mph should add 10 yards to the distance on a drive so much attention is given to maximising swing speed.

 This expensive piece of kit has other uses including checking, club by club, distances for use on the course particularly for pitching of under 100 yards. Surprisingly it can also be used with the putter as it will pick up whether the ball is been hit with the putter dead straight. There is also the facility to play rounds of golf on pre-loaded courses. Out of the laboratory conditions of our undercover facility it can be used free-standing as the tour pros do on the practice ground for a swing check up.

 All in all this is a real leap forward in swing analysis which should enable St Enodoc Members improve their game by having the most suitable equipment.