St. Enodoc Golf Club - Cultural Exchange with South Wales

Cultural Exchange with South Wales

Kenton Williams organised a group of our golfers to visit Wales over the last three days. His ambitious intention was to re-establish a harmonious relationship between our Celtic nations. After playing Glamorgan Vale, the Lakes and Welsh National courses, we returned to Newport for the match against Newport Golf Club. Few would argue with Kenton's assertion that the course, which was in magnificent condition, was one of the finest parkland courses you could hope to play.

The first two days were given over to a 36 hole stableford scoring system with a couple of twists. The eventual winners were Matt Mills and David Elliott. A special prize went to Stuart Morley who had hit more trees during his rounds than anyone else. So frequent were his errant shots that his playing partners had taken to cowering behind anything that would provide protection. He now is the proud owner of a "beaver" head cover.

There was a curious incident on one of the greens. Not many of us enjoy the distinction of having our own logo on our golf balls. Derek Rushton had hooked a shot into the marsh on the left of the 10th at St Enodoc. A kindly dog walker had sent the animal to retrieve the ball but came out with another one which was quickly pushed into Derek's pocket. On a particularly challenging par 5 at The National all the players were struggling to complete the hole. Kevin Birkett had hit his ball over the green into vegetation and was frantically searching for it. Only Derek had positioned himself for a short shot to the green. He then promptly shanked it way right, reached into his pocket and dropped another ball, which was the one that the dog had retrieved. He then played it to the green. Kevin emerging from the undergrowth notices the ball on the green. He checks for the number, the make, and the logo, and confident that it must be his ball, surprised and pleased, he decides to play it only to be disturbed by the angry protests of Derek claiming that it is his ball. Kevin was penalised for playing the wrong ball.

Everyone enjoyed the whole experience and much appreciation was extended to Kenton for his efforts. The return match is on Wednesday 10th June.

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