St. Enodoc Golf Club - Course Report September 2012

Church Course Report

Present cutting heights: Greens- 3mm, Surrounds- 8 mm, Tees- 8 mm, Fairways- 12 mm. The last couple of months my focus has been on maintaining a good quality surface on the greens now that we’ve had the consistency in growth. So to achieve this, greens were sprayed with a conditioner (seaweed, iron and potassium) a total of 3 times. A growth regulator was applied. The greens were then tined with an 8mm tine, rolled and top-dressed, each receiving 0.5 ton of pure sand. The second dressing was accompanied with a verti cut and an over seeding. This time of year requires an application of insecticide to combat the ingress of insects such as Leather Jackets and worms.

The tees had to mirror the maintenance that was performed on the greens. Therefore they also had a growth regulator and conditioners applied. They have been constantly divoted throughout. All tees are now due for a hollow tining, top-dressing and overseeding.

The fairways have been sprayed twice with conditioners to help with the wear and tear they receive. They also have been divoted regularly.

This year up to now has been an exceptional growing year which has caused us a few issues. The constant cutting of the grass leaves it more susceptible to diseases, this is because the more you cut the weaker the grass plant becomes. So in turn you have to aide this process by effectively giving the grass plant its medication in the form of conditioners and fungicides. Also having to cut constantly produces wear and tear on the machines resulting in an increase in the maintenance regime.

Holywell Course Report

Present cutting heights: Greens- 4.5mm, Surrounds- 8mm, Tees- 11mm, Fairways- 13mm. The greens were sprayed with 2 conditioners which has the same composition of that used on the Church course. All greens received an 8mm tine and were rolled. An insecticide was also applied to the greens and some fairways in the hope to discourage bird activity. The greens are now due for a hollow tine programme which will be completed this coming month.

Additional Information

A plot behind the 4th tee has now been set aside for the production of turf.

Many of you will have noticed a blue square that has appeared on the 16th in the rough.


This is a trial plot for a new chemical product. Please if your ball enters the area feel free to play your shot without restriction.

Scott Gibson
Course Manager