St. Enodoc Golf Club - Course Report March / April 2012

Church Course Report

Present cutting heights: Greens- 3.5 mm, Surrounds- 8 mm, Tees- 8 mm, Fairways- 13 mm

The greens have received a 13 mm tineing, been top-dressed and over seeded so far within our spring start up maintenance program. A bio stimulant has also been applied to enhance root growth during the cold spell. Greens and surrounds have been verti cut twice this process helps to stop the ingress of course grasses.

We have a slight increase in soil temperatures which isn’t quite enough to allow constant growth but allows me to start my growth regulator regime. This product inhibits vertical growth, but actually diverts plant growth downward into the root system to produce increased food reserves and lateral stem development. This in turn produces a thicker, healthier sward that better equips your turf to withstand temperature extremes, moisture loss, traffic and wear and tear, and even helps in the management of Poa annua.

The wetting agent program is well under way. The product I use provides a longer lasting preventative and curative against Dry Patch. The spreading capabilities of the product ensure a greater surface area of turf is covered, whilst a powerful penetrant allows total wetting of the soil profile, not just the surface or thatch layer. Added Seaweed helps combat summer stress on the sports turf surface and helps recovery from symptoms of Dry Patch.

Tees have been sprayed with a conditioner and also a wetting agent. They are now ready to receive another tine, seeding and top dressing. Fairways will receive a weed and feed applied to them and are being divoted regularly. Still with the reduction in rabbit activity this makes our life far easier as the soil stays in the divots and not being constantly dug out. The Himalayas has had a delicate face lift. The idea was not to be too intrusive which could have caused destabilisation but enough to enhance the aesthetics.

Holywell Course Report

Present cutting heights: Greens- 4.5mm, Surrounds- 8mm, Tees- 11mm, Fairways- 13mm

The greens are now showing signs of recovery from the winter. They have had a verti-cut and conditioner applied to them. They have also had a ½” tine, over-seed and a top dress.

Greens and surrounds are now also on the wetting agent program. A fertiliser (Lawn sand) will be applied on the greens to combat the moss.

Additional Information

We’ve noticed that within the 5thmarsh area there is otter activity. Also Daniel Townsend has left the greenkeeping staff to pursue other adventures. Good luck to him!

Scott Gibson

Course Manager