St. Enodoc Golf Club - Course Report June 2012

Church Course Report

Present cutting heights: Greens- 3 mm, Surrounds- 8 mm, Tees- 8 mm, Fairways- 13 mm.The greens this month were verti-cut 3 times to eradicate lateral growth and promote consistent surfaces. They were also tined, top-dressed and over-seeded with fescue and bent. All greens had their base feed (12-3-24). This is the main fertiliser for the growing season. Due to the exception wet conditions the application was 4 weeks overdue this in its self isn’t a problem it just adds longevity to the product. With the fertiliser application this often causes a disease outbreak. This is caused by nitrogen that is present in the fertiliser increasing top growth in the grass plant encouraging pathogens to ingress. So a fungicide had to be applied.

Tees are improving significantly due to the combination of factors, hand cutting, regularly tining and divotting. I\'ve also introduced a selection of different seed cultivars which in turn promotes disease resistance and also drought tollerence. Fairways have now been put into a rolling divot program. This basically means that every week certain fairways will be completed. The year so far has been good for growth, so every effort has been made to regulate the lush growth by the use of growth retardents.

Holywell Course Report

Present cutting heights: Greens- 3.5mm, Surrounds- 8mm, Tees- 11mm, Fairways- 13mm.The greens have had a lot more attention. This has enabled us to cut them down lower (in fact by 1mm) They have been tined with a 8mm tine and had a wetting agent applied.

All greens and surrounds will be also verti-cut. Greens firstly received a lawn sand application to combat the moss and now due for their feed for the season (12-3-24) exactly the same fertiliser as the Church Course. Fairways and tees were sprayed with an herbicide to combat the weeds.

Additional Information

To keep you updated with the continual efforts of Simon Hunt, total rabbit count runs in the excess of 2150 to date. Due to the extreme growing conditions this season Steve Urell our mechanic has to keep our fleet of mowers operational at all time. The grinding of the cylinder blades which is mainly carried out in winter months is now having to be done due to increased cutting frequency, this in turn keeps Steve very busy.

Scott Gibson
Course Manager