St. Enodoc Golf Club - Course Report January 2013

Church Course Report

Present cutting heights: Greens- 4 mm, Surrounds- 8 mm, Tees- 8 mm, Fairways- 15 mm. This is the first report of the New Year which was dominated by the extreme wet weather, attempts to drain the course have been taken, we are extremely lucky with the free draining properties of the courses. Certain paths have had to be repaired and areas roped off to protect the sodden surfaces.

Due to fluctuating temperatures this month we experienced a slight outbreak of Fusarium (disease) for which we sprayed. Greens received a folia and soil conditioner (seaweed and potassium) to aid them through this stress period as they are still recovering from the hollow tining in October. This process is required approximately every couple of years dependant on soil quality and density. The objective is mainly a soil exchange and promotes new growth. Now the existing tine holes have started showing signs of new fescue seed growth which is very encouraging although the open tine holes actually worked to our benefit preventing any build-up of surface water. They will now have to be tined with an 8mm tine as a part of the maintenance programme.

The tees are still being hand cut for presentation and to help surfaces. They received a folia conditioner in the form of iron and potassium. They have been consistently divoted on a weekly basis. Fairways are awaiting a spray with a conditioner which comprises seaweed, iron and potassium. They will also be divoted regularly throughout. The winter projects are well underway with the new tee on the 12th ready for turf and 5th tee started. A new path has been installed on the 11th Church course to combat the muddy walk through from the white tee box.


Damage in the marshes by the 5th bridge through heavy rain

Holywell Course Report

Present cutting heights: Greens- 5 mm, Surrounds- 8mm, Tees- 11mm, Fairways- 15mm. The greens took a lot punishment this month during the wet spell so they received an application of fungicide to combat the ongoing stresses. Greens were rolled and a conditioner applied. Tees were sprayed with iron to harden the grass plant. The fairways will be divoted and at the next available opportunity the fairways will be sprayed with a conditioner.

Repairing bird damage is on-going. The drainage issue on the 4th will be addressed as soon as the ground dries out. Revetting of the 10th bunkers is underway and will continue when they are dry.

Scott Gibson
Course Manager