St. Enodoc Golf Club - Course Report January 2012

Church Course Report

 Present cutting heights: Greens- 3.5 mm, Surrounds- 8 mm, Tees- 8 mm, Fairways- 15 mm.

This is the first report of the New Year. Due to fluctuating temperatures this month we experienced a slight outbreak of Fusarium (disease) for which we sprayed. The greens up to now are still growing so where in previous years were hand cut they are still being cut with the ride on. The Greens received a folia and soil conditioner (seaweed and potassium) to aid them through this stress period. They will now have to be tined with an 8mm tine .

 The tees are still being hand cut for presentation and to help surfaces. They received a folia conditioner in the form of iron and potassium and they have been consistently divoted on a weekly basis. Fairways were sprayed with a conditioner which is comprised of a seaweed, iron and potassium. They were also divoted regularly throughout.

 As some of you have noticed the update of the irrigation around the greens has been completed with not a great deal of disruption. This update was long overdue as existing pipe work around the greens was circa late 70’s. Bunkers on 15th and 12th have now been completed, also the iris planting project in the 5th marsh is in full swing. Due to the high temperatures we’ve experienced in December the seeding on the hex-path on the 11th has taken very well.

 A large section of our work this month has been focused on wind damaged areas such as Daymer Bay and various nets. The sand on Daymer Bay has moved considerably and needs to be further addressed as you can see from the pictures.


 Holywell Course Report

Present cutting heights: Greens- 4.5mm, Surrounds- 8mm, Tees- 11mm, Fairways- 15mm

The greens received two applications of fungicide to combat the ongoing stresses.Greens were rolled and a conditioner applied. Tees were sprayed with iron to harden the grass plant. The fairways have been divoted throughout. Next available opportunity the fairways will be sprayed with a conditioner. Work has now started on the 5th tee and 6th /12th tee.

Scott Gibson
Course Manager