St. Enodoc Golf Club - Course Manager's Report May 2017

Course Manager's Report May 2017

Church Course

Cutting heights
Greens 2.7mm,Tees 8mm, Fairways 12mm


Once again this month has had extremes in weather making it exceptionally hard to organise and initiate the maintenance practices required. In these conditions we must be reasonably sympathetic to the grass plant if damage occurs the leaf will be an access point for an ingress of disease. Weakening the grass plant considerably.Now the grasses are actively growing it is vitally important that all of our cutting equipment is kept sharp and produces a clinical cut. This alone will reduce an attack of disease, as a poorly cut plant will more susceptible due to its inability to heal quickly.

The greens were top-dressed, over-seeded and are being brushed regularly they have also have had their monthly growth regulator and conditioner applied. Green shapes have been addressed and cut out which has increased size and definition.

Tees have been fertilised, tined and over-seeded. verti-cut and all have been heavy dressed with pure sand. Certain areas on fairways that suffer from excessive traffic and wear have been hollow tined, seeded with pure fescue and heavy dressed with sand.

Semi rough has been sprayed for weeds and now awaiting an application of ferrous sulphate (Fe) which is iron to combat the ingress of moss. They will then receive a heavy verti-cut to reduce the moss.

Holywell Course

Cutting heights

Greens 2.7mm,Tees 8mm, Fairways 12mm


Greens were double verti-cut, tined, over-seeded and top dressed. A fertiliser was then applied, this product had an analysis of 8-0-16 with other trace elements which gives a steady release of nutrients over a period of time.

Certain sections of rough management has been identified on the Holywell with intention of spraying with RESCUE which is a highly selective grass herbicide, for the removal of Ryegrass whilst leaving fine turf grasses unaffected. Removal of Ryegrass infestation from greens can achieve more consistent ball roll and a better quality fine turf surface. In the semi-rough, Ryegrass control can improve both the playability and visual appearance of the course, as well and helping to achieve a clean finish from mowing. In rough areas thinning out dense Ryegrass makes it easier to locate balls and avoid slow play. Research also shows the potential of RESCUE herbicide to enhance the environmental value of out-of-play rough areas, by removing unwanted ryegrass and creating a habitat where wildflowers and biodiversity can thrive.

Tom Vercoe

Additional Information

Tom Vercoe who looks after the Holywell has been lucky enough to earn a place helping at the Senior Open at Royal Porthcawl next month. A very prestigious event where he will gain a lot of experience in course presentation and setup. We wish him well.

Scott Gibson

St.Enodoc Golf Course Manager