St. Enodoc Golf Club - Course Managers Report July 2016

Course Managers Report July 2016

We've had a turn over in staff this year and have taken 3 new members they are: Ross Ford worked at Trevose and was a P.T in the army. Mark Grubb's passion is rugby and has a real thirst for the job. Jon Day comes to us from Lanhydrock Golf Club where he served as the Head Greenkeeper, so he offers an amazing skill base.

Present Cutting Heights on the Church Course:
Greens: 2.5mm
Tees/Surrounds: 8mm
Fairways: 12mm

July is typically a busy month for us and the golf course, growth being the major factor, so most of our agronomic practices are based around this. The greens were top-dressed this month, brushed and cut back and each green received 0.25 tons of pure sand. They were given their monthly conditioner which consists of a product called Microdyne. This product is an organic cocktail it has an all-in-one organic combination of micro and macronutrients, chelated irons, amino acids and biostimulants. Also within the mix is added a plant growth regulator which redirects grass growth by specifically targeting the gibberellic acid site responsible for cell elongation. Such action not only inhibits vertical growth but diverts it downwards into the root system it helps to produce and increase food reserves and lateral stem development. The result is the production of a thicker, healthier sward that allows turf to better withstand stress caused by temperature extremes, moisture loss, traffic and wear; an added benefit is that helps in the management of Poa annua.

Turf grass that has been drought-stressed will exhaust valuable reserves in an attempt to restore its natural balance of strength and health, leaving it prone to diseases and the inability to withstand and recover from mechanical injury. Maintaining a balanced air/water ratio in the root zone will inhibit the development of hydrophobic lipids that can have such a weakening affect on plants and preserve the plants metabolism and become more resistant to stress. So I give regular applications of Propel-R (which is a wetting agent) which ensures the rootzone is in the best condition to supply the necessary moisture and nutrient transport for optimal plant development and this will continue throughout the season

The greens were verti-cut and an over seeding with a fescue mix this month, this process is used to thin out lateral growing grasses to enable a consistent roll of a ball. Tees were also sprayed with a wetting agent and received they're monthly conditioner. Fairways are now ready for another weed/feed application.

We've had some irrigation issues resulting in sprinklers leaking. This happens from time to time due to mechanical fatigue as they are under constant pressure at 7 bar these were identified and replaced.

Present Cutting Heights on the Holywell Course:
Greens: 3mm
Tees/Surrounds: 8mm
Fairways: 12mm

Since the last report the Holywell course is under careful watch from our Thomas Vercoe who joined us last year. He is striving forward with his attention to detail and progressive thinking. It's a long and on going process but positive steps are being made. The 16th complex has been started. This project will see the integration of the other tee becoming part of the existing tee. It will be achieved by creating an opening in the hedge and introducing some steps to the tee. The bunker has been completed with great effect and should last many years

If you have any questions regarding issues course related or any other my office door is always open and will be happy to answer.

Scott Gibson

Course Manager