St. Enodoc Golf Club - Cornwall vs The Rest of the World 2019

Cornwall vs The Rest of the World 2019

This week marks the 204th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo said to have been the most important battle of the 19th Century and one which shaped Europe for a 100 years.

Well another battle takes place this Saturday and whilst not perhaps of such historical significance will certainly be fought with as much vigour as that of 200 years ago. And what battle is that I hear you say ? Shame on you Sir ! for not knowing that this Saturday is the most important date in the entire golfing calendar - namely the annual set to between the Cornish Members of St Enodoc and those who are only here on sufferance. The draw has been made (and is posted under Extras) and the Captains' will be sweating over their speeches not to mention the result.