St. Enodoc Golf Club - Cornwall Bowl - News and update

The Cornwall Bowl Team Captain advises as follows -

Please contact Merlin direct to organise practice rounds. Richard the General Manager has advised me that no charge will be made for courtesy.


We have booked slots from 0800 on Sunday 8th October, if you are able to meet that morning please come along, if not we will be back in the clubhouse around mid-day and it would be of benefit to meet you then.

Please organise caddies yourself and the accepted wisdom on this is that they are of benefit .

Can you please let me know in advance if you are using a caddy so we are able to know the size of the party.


Players will tee off at 10:00 with matches in descending order of combined handicaps. Strokes are awarded for half of the difference in combined handicaps. Please arrive that morning by 9:15.

Thanks must be extended to every golfer who expressed an interest in participating in this year’s squad –the quality has not disappointed and we are very pleased with the squad. Thank you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

DEREK RUSHTON 01208 77785

derick.rushton@ sky. com