St. Enodoc Golf Club - Cornwall and the Rest of the World

Cornwall and the Rest of the World

We have got used to upsets in this country with the Referendum and now the General Election. What however most people don’t know is that last year the biggest upset of all was the defeat of Cornwall by the Rest of the World 41 – 19 in the annual ethnic golf match at St Enodoc. Being a foreigner in the Duchy I will not rub salt into the wounds suffice it to say that this year the Cornish side has had to be bolstered by some incomers and the natives were unusually subdued on the tee plus their captain was late to arrive – draw your own conclusions.

Past Captain Tony Rounsevell had been brought back to organise the weather as it was a glorious day of unbroken sunshine with a gentle breeze which prevented it becoming too hot as a result conditions were ideal for this anuual meeting of the tribes. All was set for the two teams captained by Pete Liddicoat for Cornwall and Geoff Jones for the Rest of the World which is ironic as each year Geoff always puts his name down for Cornwall despite being a man of the Potteries! With 19 matches in total a long day was in prospect till the result would be known.

The first two matches produced two of the biggest wins with Joe Combellack and Tom Hughes winning 8 holes up (each match playing to the 18th and the total holes up being aggregated to find the overall team score). The second match saw the Rest of the World in the capable hands of Julian Darnell and Colin Garnett 10 up. The only other big score which had a major impact on the final result was the 7 up win for the Rest of the World by Graham Keeble and Richard Norsworthy; please notice how none of the defeated have been mentioned by name to protect their sensitivities. The other matches were all relatively close going both ways but the big scores resulted in an unprecedented second win in a row for the Rest of the World 37 -23.

The dinner afterwards was, as usual, great fun with good food even if there was no Cornish singing to rally the troops, however the two speeches from the captains were up to standard and quite unrepeateable. However Malcolm Knight took on his usual role as the “Enforcer” extracting fines for anything that could be thought up and the Captain’s Charity benefited to the tune of at least £100. Another great day at St Enodoc enjoyed by all in lovely conditions and does anyone really mind who wins as I think the real winner is the Club.