St. Enodoc Golf Club - Committee reveal plans for changing room refurbishment.

Committee reveal plans for changing room refurbishment.

As is well known, and Minuted, the Committee have been actively considering ideas for refurbishing the Ladies and Gentlemen's locker rooms. With our recent VAT windfall the Committee now feel able to be quite ambitious with their plans, however they recognise that these may be improved upon. To this end the Committee seek the views of Members on their ideas and which may be found detailed below in the discussion paper “St Enodoc locker rooms refurbishment”

St Enodoc Locker Rooms Refurbishment” a Committee Consultation Paper

Since the last time our locker rooms were refurbished much has changed in the world of golf club locker room furniture and soft fittings and it would seem appropriate that our Club has locker rooms which match the prestige and exclusivity of your Club. To this end we propose the principal changes listed in this paper. The list does not pretend to be exhaustive and your Committee would appreciate your thoughts on what is proposed and to hear of any other ideas you may wish us to consider.

  • All lockers to be replaced. In the Mens locker room these will be of solid oak with each locker bearing a brass plate with the Members name on it. In the Ladies locker room they will be of solid cherry wood and the interior will be painted a delicate shade of Old Rose. Each Ladies locker will have a full length vanity mirror on the inside of the door. The lockers will have security devices which can be only opened with the use of a code built into a mobile phone.

  • Locker rooms will be carpeted through out with Persian rugs and into which will be woven the Club's logo.

  • Between the two locker rooms there will be a common area; here there will be the uni-sex hot tubs, jacuzzi and a sauna. In the same area will also be located the spa and massage room.

  • A steward will ensure that all clubs and shoes are cleaned after each round.

  • For those who request it, and for a small additional annual fee, individually monogrammed towels and bathrobes will available

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April 1st 2017

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