St. Enodoc Golf Club - Colonel's and Metropole Cups Series Results

Colonel's and Metropole Cups Series Results

The final round of the Colonel's and Metropole Cup were played on Saturday 8th September.

The Colonel's Cup winner was still in contention with Martin Biddle currently ahead of John Rowe by 1 point, both players showed up to batttle it out for the title. John however had polished his clubs and was up for the fight. He finished the days competition in 1st place with 37 points and collected the all important 20 series points to leap frog ahead of Martin Biddle who ended up in 17th place in the days competition but retained 2nd place in the series.

In second place in division 1 for the day was John pease with 36 points, 3rd was Dennis Brown with 34 points ahead of Dave Flew on countback in 4th place. Neil Bradley who needed a win to advance in the series finished in 5th place with 33 points beating Simon Marquis on countback.

The Metropole Cup series was not as open, with the top spot sown up already by Derek Rushton. Derek showed up to comfirm his title but only managed a 13th place finish. The winner of the day was Steven Cock with 34 points, with Tristan Lang in 2nd place with 33 points. Kevin Richards finished 3rd on 32 and Norman Hawkey and Richard Norsworthy both had 31 points in 4th and 5th. In 6th place Phil Jory scored 30 points but picked up the 20 series points as the highest scorer entered in the series, not quite enought to challenge Derek Rushton but enough to confirm a 2nd place in the series.

Colonel’s Cup Series Results for the full series table cick here

1st John Rowe 57 points Wins the Colonel's Cup 2018

2nd Martin Biddle 55 points

3rd Neil Bradley 52points

4th Nick Shelley 50 points

5th Rod Frost 49 points (c/b 4th best)

6th Matthew Warr 49 points (c/b) 4th best)

=7th Richard Hawken 48 points

=7th David Lupton 48 points

Metropole Cup Series Results for the full series table click here

1st Derek Rushton 59 points Win the Metropole Cup 2018

2nd Phil Jory 56 points

3rd Malcolm Knight 55 points

4th Neal Jolly 54 points (c/b 4th best)

5th Greg Carter 54 points (c/b 4th best)

6th Byron Weston 54 points (c/b) 4th best)