St. Enodoc Golf Club - Colonel\'s Metropole Cup Round 8

This Weekend saw the final round of the Colonels and Metropole Cups.  There was a turn out of 82 members on yet another sunny September Saturday.  Those in with a chance at the top of the series tables needed good steady rounds and the conditions were perfect to help them out.

Richard Blake wins round 8 of the Colonels Cup with 37 points, not enough to move him significantly up the series table but certainly enough to gain him a prize.  Richard’s score was followed by 5 players all on 36 points.  On countback Nick Shelley won his way to 2nd place and secured a position in the series prizes.  Rich Hawken came in 3rd on the day but did enough to hold on to the series lead.  Rich has played every round and has scored well throughout – a worthy winner.   Kevin Brenton and Niel Carhart also had 36 points and took 4th and 5th and Shaun Beare with 35 points took 6th place. 

Round 8 of the Metropole Cup was a closely contested round changing the standings at the top of the series.  With 38 points, Matthew Warr came 1st just nudging Kevin Parker and Keith Thompson into 2nd and 3rd on countback.  In the Series Matthew Warr also just did enough to knock Keith Thompson off the top spot.  They both shared 20 points for the final round but Matt’s 4 high scores won out.  In 4th place in round 8 with 36 points was Kevin Richards and 5th John Westlake also with 36 points.  6th place was Derek Rushton with 33 points.

The Series results are as follows, prizes were awarded to the top 10 in each series:

The tables of scores will be posted in ‘Extras’on the website.


Colonels Cup 2014

Series Result

1st      R. Hawken                     £58.00 Voucher
2nd     D. Flew                          £52.00 Voucher
3rd      J. Pease                          £46.00 Voucher
4th      A. Bunt                          £40.00 Voucher
5th      D. Pooley                       £35.00 Voucher
6th      N. Shelley                      £29.00 Voucher
7th      R. Blake                          £23.00 Voucher
8th      S. Beare                          £17.00 Voucher
9th      N. Thomas                     £12.00 Voucher
10th    R. Frost                            £6.00 Voucher


Metropole Cup 2014

Series Result

1st          M. Warr                          £58.00 Voucher
2nd         K. Thompson                 £52.00 Voucher
3rd          J. Westlake                    £46.00 Voucher
4th          K.J. Richards                  £40.00 Voucher
5th          P. Honey                        £35.00 Voucher
6th          N. Buse                          £29.00 Voucher
7th          P. Hoare                         £23.00 Voucher
8th          P. Godfrey                      £17.00 Voucher
9th          I. Day                             £12.00 Voucher
10th        K. Searle                         £  6.00 Voucher