St. Enodoc Golf Club - Clearance work down the left of the 10th

Clearance work down the left of the 10th

A good number of Members have been wondering how the line of trees down the left hand side of the 10th looked before the recent major clearance work. The old photograph above, and the one below, show how it must have looked in the early 1900's

Barely a tree in sight ! Perhaps the horse in the photo had eaten the trees or the many sheep which were grazed on the course at that time were responsible. It is also interesting to note that walkers were a problem down the 10th then just as they are now. The house to left of the picture was known as the "The Piggery", a name which would seem to be self-explanatory.

The 10th is the only original hole on the course, and it dates back to 1891. On the 1891 layout it was the 10th, but became the 7th in 1898. It then reverted to the 10th on the Braid layout in 1907. The photo above is the one that is shown as the 10th, as part of the display in Reception of the Braid course design letter, which includes photos of all the holes.

The original Holywell 9 holes were built in 1928, and designed by Braid. The Holywell was built because Mrs Hoskin, who owned the land along the 10th, refused permission for golf to be played on Sundays as a mark of respect for her husband who was buried in the Churchyard. We may not have a record of when Dr. Hoskin died and thus whether the Holywell was built close to his death or many years after.