St. Enodoc Golf Club - Christmas Draw

Christmas Draw

With all the tickets sold the enviable task of drawing out the prize winners duly took place on January 2nd and all those in luck are listed below. The lucky winner of first prize, the ipad, was Course Ranger Dave Ray. Well done Dave and to all the other lucky prize winner; for those out of luck maybe you should have bought more tickets so better luck next year!

Christmas Draw 2014 Winners
Prize No. Prize Winner
1 Apple Ipad David Ray
2 Panasonic Lumix Camera Jamie Keen
3 Tassimo Coffee Machine Mike Maberly
4 Digital Radio Mary Baillie
5 BruAllen Flowers Stuart Morley
6 Warnes Restaurant Vouchers Alfred Cutner
7 Bridge Bistro Restaurant Vouchers Meg Godfrey
8 St Moritz Cowshed Vouchers Jim Brown
9 George Foreman Grill Di Dingle
10 Father Christmas Geoff Matthews
11 Basket of Fruit Mary Killingley
12 Christmas Light Picture A ffrench-Blake
13 Prosseco Wine J Lawes
14 Prosseco Wine Richard Hawken
15 Wine & Chocolates Bill Hughes
16 Wine Rowan Yoki
17 Crockery Set John Baxter
18 Body Cream Rex Molloy
19 Butter Body Cream Sue Richards
20 Yankee Candles Nina Whitby
21 Chocolate / Biscuits Mike Samuels
22 Chocolate / Biscuits Andy Beare
23 Chocolate / Biscuits Jane Brenton
24 Chocolate / Biscuits Rona Varney
25 Chocolate / Biscuits Dave Biddle
26 Chocolate / Biscuits John Godwin
27 Chocolate / Biscuits Sue Davis
28 Chocolate / Biscuits Peter Bendall
29 Chocolate / Biscuits Mike Welch
30 Chocolate / Biscuits Barry Ofield
31 Chocolate / Biscuits Terri Gliddon
32 Chocolate / Biscuits Mark Knight
33 Chocolate / Biscuits Ron Woodward