\"Active\" and \"Inactive\" annotations to be replaced.

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St. Enodoc Golf Club - Changes to the CONGU Handicapping Rules for 2014

England Golf have announced a number of changes to the handicapping system for 2014. The principal change relates to the discontinuance of the \"active\" and \"inactive\" annotations. Some information on this change is given below. For full details of this and other changes please refer to the England Golf website.

In future the qualifying period has changed from the 12 months from 1st January to 1st March each year. As a consequence in future, those players who have returned a minimum of three Qualifying Scores in the year prior to 1st March each year shall have their handicap automatically marked with a ‘c’ to  indicate a ‘Competition Handicap’ status.  Players returning two or less qualifying scores will not have the ‘c’ annotation applied to their handicap.

Where a players handicap has not been marked as a Competition Handicap the existing policies over entering competitions will continue unchanged.