St. Enodoc Golf Club - Changes to golf equipment

On April 1st further changes to the rules regarding golf clubs are proposed hot on the heels of the R&A and USGA\'s proposed ban on the anchoring of long putters. The latest edict relates to the size of ALL clubs for in future it is proposed that the maximum length of any club will be 33 inches – roughly the dimensions of a normal putter. A spokesman said that there will be tremendous advantages across the world of golf with shorter clubs. One of the major benefits will be to the courses as the new clubs will seriously reduce the distance that the ball will travel; this will reverse the trend of having to make courses longer and longer for the Pros - the 300 yard drive will become the 200 yard drive. All talk of altering the ball for the Pros to reduce the carry can now be binned.

The new clubs will be cheaper to make with less steel or graphite in the shafts, bags will be smaller and lighter to carry which will bring terrific benefit to both the very young players and the Seniors. It will also help those shorter players who currently can be at a disadvantage against their longer hitting and taller brethren who will lose most of their advantage. It will also benefit those animals like Meercats who are known to have taken up the game recently and who are ideally suited to play albeit with shorter clubs. Mr. Albert Lyon, the Secretary of the Animal Golfers Society feels that this is the breakthrough that they have been after for years. How long will it be till we see the first professional animal teeing up at the Open?