St. Enodoc Golf Club - Captain's Charity Masters Golf Sweep

Captain's Charity Masters Golf Sweep

Following the cut after 36 holes it is moving day at the US Masters.
This is how the leaderboard looks in Augusta but more importantly this is how the leaderboard is looking in the Masters Sweep at St Enodoc.

J Rose. -7. Mrs ‘Wappo’ Westlake
W Zalatoris. -6. Mary Baillie
B Harman. -6. Matt Main
M Leishman. -5. Rose Jones
J Speith. -5. John Radford
S Kim. -4. Richard Rundle
C Champ. -4. Mary Baillie
H Matsuyama -4. Malcolm Cole
B Weisburger. -4. Mark Jarvis
J Thomas. -4. Wappo
T Finau. -4. Bob Cruse

All to play for and the chasing pack are not far behind.