St. Enodoc Golf Club - Bowl Team start with a 1st Round win

Bowl Team start with a 1st Round win

As has been noted elsewhere China Fleet was not the 1st round draw that Cornwall Bowl Team Captain Terry Johns would really have asked for had he the choice. The venue, a parkland course at Launceston GC, could also be said to favour the opponents playing as they do on their own parkland course. The Bowl Team, with a sprinkling of "rookies", thus ventured forth to Launceston today somewhat wary and nervous of what lay in store.

As it turned out their fears were justified as the match turned out to be a cliff hanger which left Terry Johns right out of cigarettes by the end. The afternoon started off with a stiff south west breeze which strengthened as the day went by to be a good strong wind. Not that that detered the first St Enodoc pair of Buse and Norsworthy and who quickly charged into a six hole lead before winning their match 4 & 3. Behind them Rushton and Knight were well beaten into second place 4 & 3. Match thus all square. Hoare and Day after a poor twitchy start pulled back their deficit to win 2 up on the 18th. Match now St Enodoc 2 points China Fleet 1 point. Parker and Jarvis were having their problems too being 4 down at one point but a deternined and gritty fight back saw them all square on the 18th tee. Behind them Jory and Hutchings were on their way to losing so this fourth match was now pivotal. A comedy of errors off the tee saw both pairs playing provisional balls and what with lost balls and penalties for unplayable lies the number of shots played by both pairs needed an abacus to keep track of. From 300 yds away the spectators had little idea of what was going on until finally with both pairs about 150 yds from the green it was understood that St Enodoc had played 5 and China Fleet 6. The one shot difference was crucial as Jarvis and Parker kept their cool and with nerves of steel won the hole with an 8 and the day was won !

  • Nigel Buse & Richard Norsworthy beat Kris Robertson & Dave Hobbs 4&3
  • Derek Rushton & Jeremy Knight lost to Chris Sharp & Ray ball 4&3
  • Phil Hoare & Ian Day beat Simon Harper & Pete Gall 2 up
  • Kevin Parker & Mark Jarvis beat Matt Tamsett & Scott Johnson by 1 hole
  • Shane Jory & Scott Hutchings lost to Dave & John Callaghan 4&3